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Fourth Floor

The Night Club: The epicenter of high-energy nightlife in Tampa Bay

The Night Club is more than just the 4th floor, it’s an immersive experience with captivating music and stylish surroundings.

Design Meets Energy

The Night Club is adorned with exquisite Italian marble bar tops and adorned with captivating exotic paintings. From the moment you step foot on the dance floor, you’ll be swept away by pulsating beats and light show. The seamless blend of stylish elements and energy sets the stage for an extraordinary night.

Dancing & Live Performances

With award-winning lighting and sound, it only makes sense to have performers dance above the crowd in spot lit caged platforms. While you’re in The Night Club, don’t miss the chance to dance on our unique glass dance floor, providing enchanting views of the floor below, The Sanctuary.

Elevate Your Nightlife at with a VIP Table

Are you ready for award-winning lighting and sound, top-class DJs, captivating live performances, and exciting VIP sections? The Night Club offers all of that and more for your special night out!

To reserve your VIP tables, call or text (813) 544-5144.  Alternatively, VIP tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

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